Psalm 48
Psalm 48 is identified in the subscription as a song for the chief musician of the Sons of Korah.  This Psalm was sung on the second day of the week.  As for dating this Psalm, in light of the following, this Psalm would fit nicely into the time of Jehoshaphat. 

Around 849 the inhabitants of Ammon, Moab and Mt. Seir set off with the intended purpose of driving out the Israelites from the nation of Judah.  The size of the migration was so large that Jehoshaphat knew he did not have the strength to fight and win.  Therefore in a beautiful prayer he asked God for help.  In answer to his prayer, God granted him a victory without his having to fight. 

Jehoshaphat also made ships of Tarshish to gather the gold of Ophir but God destroyed them.  These two events seem to point to the reign of Jehoshaphat as the king of Judah.  Note also that this Psalm calls the king of Judah a great king.  Judah did not have that many kings that could be called great, but Jehoshaphat, even though he did not measure up to David, could be given that title.  With this in mind, Psalm 48 is very simple and does not really need much of any explanation. 

It reviews and celebrates;
  • The specialness of Mount Zion
  • The failed attack upon her
  • The rejoicing of the people in the wonders of Yahweh

Now soul, as you read this Psalm and see the words of praise written in it, apply it also to yourself as a private meditation.  In doing so, you will find much beauty and application contained in it for you personally. 

It fittingly follows upon the understanding and reading of Psalm 24 that began the week.   Your heart has been set aside to the dedication and honor of the Lord.  It is to be a beautiful sight.  Your heart should be like Zion elevated over that which is of this world.  God has formed it, and God is its defense and tower. 

Many have been and many will be the times when the forces opposing you are too great.  But if you remember to take it to the Lord as Jehoshaphat did, God will sustain and deliver you.  The battle is the Lord's and so is the victory.  That lesson must be learned and applied.  It will spare you much worry and heartache in life. 
When times come and opportunities present themselves for you to find riches or wealth outside of God, do not be surprised if he destroys your ships like he did to Jehoshaphat. 

Always keep the loving kindness of God fresh in the midst of your heart.  After all, God is the one who has established you in his righteousness.  That righteousness is in the Lord's right hand, therefore urge your soul to rejoice in the judgments of God.  Make the song of the Psalmist your request and prayer also. 

"O Lord, surround my heart, go all around it.  Count its towers, just like the towers were counted in Zion.  Let this grace be given, that a later generation may say.  'It was the Lord, whom he loved and it was the Lord who established and kept him.  Therefore now this God is also our God forever and ever.  He will guide us unto death. '"

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