Psalm 94

This Psalm was sung on Wednesday, the fourth day of the week.  That is, of course, the day that God created the heavenly bodies to be a source of light to the world.  With that in mind, it is pretty easy to see why they would sing this Psalm on the fourth day.  God had said that he would be the protector and judge of his people.  This also meant that he would be the one who carried out that judgment or what we would call vengeance or revenge.  He himself would be the source, just as the sun, moon, and stars would be the source of light in a dark world.  What this Psalm in essence is doing is requesting that God be what he said he would be, the source of judgment or vengeance for his people.  His people were being harmed, the stranger, widows and orphans were being killed.  Instead of feeling bad, the wicked were gloating and saying, "the Lord does not see nor will he consider the matter." It was time for the sun to rise and take its position, time for the light to shine forth to end the rejoicing and arrogance of the wicked.  "Yahweh, God of revenges, God of revenges shine forth.  Judge of the earth lift up yourself, return a just repayment upon the proud." 

Verse 8 and following are quite interesting.  The section begins with a description of those who were acting in this manner.  They were like fools who had had their senses burned away, like having a conscience seared with a hot iron.  They should know what they seem to be unable to grasp. 

"Understand you charred among the people, and you fools, when will you be wise? He who planted the ear will he not hear, or he that formed the eye will he not behold? He who chastises the nations will he not rebuke, he who teaches man knowledge? Yahweh knows the thoughts of man for they are vanity." 

What the charred and the fool can not understand is at the same time the comfort and happiness of the one who takes refuge in the Lord.  The wicked can labor to dig their pits but while they labor God gives rest to his people.  What wonderful knowledge the Psalmist applies.  The Lord is his help, the shining sun of his life.  The Lord rises up for him otherwise his soul would have inhabited silence.  Instead, he can say this. 

"But Yahweh was for me a high place and my God for a rock of my refuge.  And he will return upon them their iniquity and in their evil he will cut them off.  Yahweh our God will cut them off." 

So soul, join with those of old and sing about your Lord.  Do not look to the darkness and fret over what others seek to bring against you.  Instead look to the Lord who rises like the sun to bring to you the light of his deliverance. 

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