St. Katherine's Lutheran Church

E7250 North Cty.  Hwy.  E Menomonie, WI.  54751
Pastor Shawn E. Kauffeld

"Welcome to our Church Web Site.  We are happy that you are interested in learning more about congregation.  Our Church was built in the old German style having beautiful stain glass windows, with a slanting floor and balcony for auditiorium type viewing. 

Our Worship Services are dedicated to growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our goal is siimple; we ask that Jesus' High Priestly Prayer would be fulfilled among us in such a way that we honor our Father in Heaven, work to build His kingdom, and are blessed to walk with Him as His children. 
We pray that the Holy Spirit would keep infront of our eyes and in our hearts the Salvation which Jesus won for us. 

Sunday School begins at 8:45am and our Worship Services are at 9:30am. 
Communion is on the Second and Last Sunday of the Month. 
Our Sunday School serves cookies and refreshments every third Sunday. 
We welcome and encourage visitors to worship with us!

History of St. Katherine's Lutheran Church


Psalm 24 Sung every Sunday 

Psalm 48 Sung every Monday 

Psalm 82 Sung every Tuesday 

Psalm 94 Sung every Wednesday 

Psalm 81 Sung every Thursday 

Psalm 93 Sung every Friday 

Psalm 92 Sung every Saturday 


So much depends upon the answer to this question that one would think it would be the best known part of Scripture.  Memorizing Bible verses and learning maps grow pale in comparison to the importance of Christology.   Speaking in tongues and miraculous healings do not even begin to compare to it.  Missionary journeys and heros of faith also fall far short.   Yet, despite the importance of understanding Christ's Personage and Work, as they described in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament, is probably the least taught and poorest understood part of Scripture. The Messiah, that promised Champion of Salvation is awesome in His majesty and power.  In all truth this cannot be said strongly enough, "The better you understand the Christology of Scripture, the better you will understand Jesus, the Savior of Scripture".

Questions were asked by the disciples, leaders of the Jews, and Herod himself; questions that would never have been asked if they had understood who the Savior would be.  These questions showed their lack of knowledge:  "Who is this that even the wind and the waves obey him."   and again "Who is this who even forgives sins, and yet again, "Who is this who I hear such things about."   By lack of knowledge, Jesus is often made into an anemic Lord; one who was a gifted prophet and a good teacher but not the embodiement of the Miracle of Salvation Himself. 

The Seed and Rock is The Prophet, Priest, King  

The Word, The Wisdom, and The Messenger of The Lord  

The Servant of the Lord, The Son of Man  

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